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If you operate an ion-exchange softener, you have problems with salt or brine removal or spend a lot of money on chemicals. With ScaleBuster® technology, we can offer you a simple, environmentally friendly, salt- and chemical-free hardness reduction system. The technology has been used by some of the world's largest commercial and industrial companies to treat scale, corrosion and other water problems. Over 300,000 ScaleBuster conditioners have been sold and installed worldwide since 1990.

Scale and general corrosion build up on equipment surfaces and restrict water flow, clog systems, and reduce system efficiency. This leads to increased energy consumption, longer downtime, additional maintenance, and reduced equipment life. The use of chemicals to treat the problems listed results in high chemical disposal costs, environmental pollution, and associated health and safety problems.

The basic and primary function of the ION ScaleBuster as a physical water conditioner is to reduce and prevent scale and corrosion in general piping, heating, plumbing, and processing systems without the use of any chemicals. The patented electrostatic conditioner operates without any electrical power and has no moving components. The electrostatic device utilizes the dielectric characteristics of metallic materials. The design, in conjunction with the hydraulic conditions prevailing during operation, allows solid crystals to precipitate in the water. This prevents scale and corrosion from forming and ensures that the water removes the scale already attached on the internal surfaces of the equipment over time.

The operation of the patented ION ScaleBuster requires a stream of water for the hydrodynamic process in the conditioner to work. As the water flows through the ION ScaleBuster, cavitation within the chambers creates violent pressure changes that destroy the bicarbonate molecules. The dielectric materials create static effects. The electrostatic galvanizing action of the ION ScaleBuster causes the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate in the water (water hardness) to break down. The less soluble carbonates thus precipitate. As a result, the treated water becomes less saturated and is able to dissolve existing deposits over time. Once the salts are precipitated or removed, this process improves flow, overall effectiveness, and efficiency of the piping system.

So, what is so special about the ION ScaleBuster compared to other products? Most "salt-free" softeners do not remove the hardness ions from the water, they merely "condition" the water but leave the minerals in the water. The unique patented design of the ISB Hardness Reduction System with the ScaleBuster technology is that while salt is still not used in the traditional regeneration of the ion exchange resin, the precipitated hardness minerals are physically removed (separated or filtered) from the water. All ion exchange softeners replace hardness ions (present as Ca++ and Mg++) with sodium (Na+) ions in the regeneration process. The ION ScaleBuster system also removes these ions from the water and provides additional cathodic protection against corrosion. The system is available in different sizes for different flow rates and different hardness parameters. It is custom designed and built for your water quality and requirements.

Because the ION ScaleBuster removes existing scale buildup on pipework, valves, heating elements including hot water heaters, electric heating elements, industrial heat exchangers, hot water pipes and tanks, less energy is required to heat the water.

With this innovative technology you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduced operation costs and chemical use
  • Increased equipment life span
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Eliminated salt removal cost
  • Improvement of Health & Safety
  • Elimination of chemical handling and storage
  • Decreases energy consumption
  • Increases Lifespan of equipment
  • Long-Acting treatment
  • Installation flexibility

An Extensive Range of Sizes & Flow Rates

ION ScaleBuster technology is available in numerous sizes to cover a wide range of flow rates. Our models are equipped with either European or North American connections to address virtually any piping or equipment configuration. The durable construction of ScaleBuster conditioners allows them to provide years of reliable service inhibiting scale and corrosion without power, magnets, chemicals or maintenance. ScaleBuster units are available with threaded connections or flanged connections.


When installed properly by an approved ION ScaleBuster distributor in potable water applications, there is a 10-Year Limited Warranty on materials on all ION ScaleBuster products. In other common applications, including but not limited to industrial fresh water, cooling systems, municipal applications, there is a 5-Year Limited Warranty on materials on all ION ScaleBuster products.

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