In some cases, the pollutants in the exhaust air are not in gaseous form, but are present as droplets, aerosols or even solids. In this case, droplet separators are used to separate pollutants from the exhaust air. enviTEC supplies droplet separators with high efficiency and low-pressure loss.

Up to a droplet/aerosol size of 2 µm, the droplet separators are equipped with only one droplet separation package. However, if the aerosols are < 2 µm, one resorts to a multi-stage aerosol separation solution.

With enviTEC mist eliminators it is possible to clean exhaust air that is loaded with chromic or sulphuric acid, for example, and thus achieve the legally prescribed pollutant values.

Materials for droplet separator construction are selected on the basis of chemical resistance and temperature of exhaust air. If necessary, in case of explosion hazard (ATEX), electrically conductive plastics are used.

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