Zeolithe filters/molecular sieves are modular units. They can be used, depends on waste air amount as well as on kind of emission, parallel or series connected. Adsorption process in zeolithe material (bonding of molecules of emission substance on adsorbent --> molecular sieve) removes inorganic or organic emissions from the waste air from various sources of emissions. Zeolithe filter construction allows even waste air distribution on its surface. That means optimal efficiency of used zeolithe material and prevents forming of canalization of waste air in the zeolithe material bulk and allows longer use of zeolithe material.

Zeolithe material selection depends on emission that could occur in the waste air and allows optimal efficiency of  available adsorption capacity. When in the waste air more types of pollutatns can occur, more types of zeolithe material in one zeolithe filter will be used.

Zeolith material will be prefered to other adsorption materials for removing of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from the waste air because that material could be after use disposed in compost works. Other adsorption materials have to be burned.


Technical characteristics:

Drop lost: max. 270 Pa/m when no dust in waste air can occur
Granulation 3 – 5 mm
Bulk weight 700 kg/t
Recommended bulk height 1 – 1,5 m
Specific surface 500 m²/g
Pore dimension 4 -10 Ǻ
Lost to humidity no
Compositon alumiosilicate --> inorganic material
Working temperature < 500 °C
Chemical additives no


Zeolithfilter Zeolithfilter envitec

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