Exhaust air scrubbers are used to protect the environment. With enviTEC exhaust air scrubbers, pollutant emissions from contaminated exhaust air are reduced to the legally prescribed pollutant values or TA-air guidelines.

Absorption processes are used to reduce pollutants from the exhaust air and neutralize them in the scrubbing water. Depending on the pollutant present in the exhaust air, the appropriate exhaust gas velocity in the scrubber, packing type, filling height, sprinkling density and droplet separator are selected.

enviTEC supplies exhaust air scrubbers as pure spray scrubbers, counterflow scrubbers in vertical design or semi-crossflow scrubbers (SCF scrubbers) in horizontal design. All plants are equipped with high-quality measurement and control technology as well as dosing equipment. Process control is carried out by means of the latest control technology.

The most common gaseous pollutants are:

  • Nitrogen oxides
  • sulfur dioxide
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • cyanides
  • chlorine gas
  • ammonia
  • mercaptans

Materials for construction of exhaust air scrubbers are selected on the basis of chemical resistance and temperature of the exhaust air. If necessary, in the case of explosion hazard (ATEX), electrically conductive plastics are used.

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