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With BlueFil® demister we offer you a guaranteed, long-term solution for your mist elimination. BlueFil® demisters are distributed worldwide and offer a reliable and surprisingly simple technology in liquid separation processes and air pollution control or to remove particulates from a gas flow.

We are eager to help you with the necessary technical and commercial follow-up in composing the right demister for your application. We offer a reliable and sustainable solution on a cost-conscious basis.

BlueFil® pad composition: BlueFil® demisters consists out of one or more precisely structured layers. The use of one or more layers and the right choice of filament diameters in these layers allow to achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest pressure drop (dP) for your specific situation.

BlueFil® demisters are characterized by a large contact surface area and an unbeatable void space up to 97%!

The combination of different filament diameters with different pyramidal dimensions enables to design an optimal mist eliminating solution for any particle mist size above 0.5 - 0.8 microns diameter.

Sulfuric Acid, Phosphates, Chrome, Graphite, Urea, Clorine, Dust Removal, Chemical mist, Oil Water separation, Vertical Column Scrubber, Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber

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